A special thank you from Wonderland Comics in downtown Putnam CTWonderland Comics Customers: This year we are having a fantastic year!  Comic/toy/card sales are all up and the inventory has never been better!  So here is some news for you:

For Magic Players!  M15 cards will be ready to go on Friday!  From now on, Booster Boxes of Magic cards will be $105 and packs will be $3.50! Don’t forget our Friday Release Tournament this Friday and 1st place will get a sealed box of M15. All other prizes remain as normal! Sign up at 6:30, gaming starts at 7:00. See you Friday!  And get ready for our Saturday Standard tournaments!  Our first one is coming soon and the winner will be going for a Fat Pack of Zendikar!!!  More details coming soon!
Comic Fans!  We have just picked up a great collection of Thor Comics, including a nice copy of #126 (the First Thor Comic after Journey into Mystery ended at #125.  4 of the other Early Thors were in such high grade we had to put them in our glass display case, especially #134 the First High Evolutionary and #148 the first Wrecker!  But the really nice find was the high grade Marvel Spotlight #5 featuring the first appearance of the Ghost Rider!  IT’s in the case too, some come and check them out!
Toy fans!  As many of you know, about 2 months ago we sold every action figure in the store.  Well, thanks to the find of a life time, I have replenished the entire store!  And with fresh toys, many have never been in Wonderland Comics before!  You have to see it to believe it.
For Everyone!  Our Mid Summer sale is coming August 1st thru the 3rd.  Yes, those toys will be on sale!  How about a Buy One Get One!  Those comics?  How about 25% off during the sale for the big ones (over $20) and how about 50% off all other back issues!  We will have everything in the store on Sale including out newest items, Warhammer from Games Work Shop and our new Beanie Boos and Beanie Heroes – The Hulk is so cool!
I want to thank all of our customers.  Last year was the best year we have ever had!  So far this year we are ahead of last year!  I truly want to thank you all for making Wonderland Comics the funnest place around

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