Big Bad BOGO Sale at Wonderland Comics…

Buy one get one free at Wonderland Comics in Downtown Putnam CTA new sale for a new age – the Wonderland Comics BOGO Sale – that’s “Buy One, Get One” for all you non-believers – starts the weekend of August 15th.

You won’t be seeing double nor will you need to rub your eyes and blink twice, this sale is for real!

Buy one, get one free on action figures, back issues, LP/Albums and a few secret surprises too! You just can’t miss it – it won’t knock twice!

Not to mention, Video Games, Statues, Warhammer and a lot more will be reduced by 25% all weekend long! That’s a quarter less than before, and a complete 1/4 removed!

We don’t want you thinking too hard about the math, after all it’s summer, give us a break here teach…however, we don’t want you to miss how important this is. It’s not just big – it’s fractionally huge!

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