Khans at Wonderland Comics

Khans of Tarkir Pre-release is September 20 at 12.01am!

  • $25 lock your spot!
  • Free Snacks and Soda!
  • Space is limited to forty seats, so come “lock” your spot!
  • Four tournaments:  Friday night at 12:01 Sealed
  • Saturday Noon – Sealed
  • Saturday 6pm – Two-headed Giant
  • Sunday at Noon – Sealed

Magic Pre-Release Event

The Khans of Tarkir Pre-release , experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale!

The Khans of Tarkir Pre-release presents players with a special opportunity to open a Prerelease Pack and continue their journey down the Hero’s Path.

The Prerelease Packs for Khans of Tarkir are a little different from anything we’ve ever seen before. In the past your Prerelease Pack would contain a seeded booster, five booster packs and a promo card of the color or guild you chose. Everyone who chose red, for example, would each receive a red seeded booster and a red promo card, with every red player receiving the same red promo. At the Khans of Tarkir Prerelease, instead of each player getting the same promo for their clan, there are actually eight different promo cards for each clan, and you don’t know which one you’ll get until you open your pack.

Khans: This is set is all about wedges, meaning a color and it’s two enemy colors. Each wedge is a clan with a different name, different special ability, and in the pre-release you get to pick one of the clans and you’ll get a “pack” of cards that’s focused on that clan.  The clans are:


  • White/Red/Black – Mardu – Raid – Aggro!
  • Green/Black/Blue – Sultai – Delve – Long-game graveyard shenangians
  • Red/Blue/White – Jeskai – Prowess – Tempo/combo play
  • Black/White/Green – Abzan – Outlast – Small dudes that grow into big dudes
  • Blue/Red/Green – Temur – Ferocious – Big beaters that clobber opponents.

Also the ability “morph” is in the set, which allows you to play a card face-down on the table for 3 colorless mana. It counts as a 2/2 creature. You can reveal the creature (flip it over) for it’s morph cost. Many of the morph abilities have special abilities that kick in.

Held six days before each new Magic card set goes on sale, Pre-releases provide an excellent way to experience the grandeur of a worldwide event in a low-stress environment.  At Pre-release events, you will be able to play with cards from the new set before you can buy them, receive special promotional cards for attending, and have the opportunity to win even more cards by playing.  So have fun!

Pre-releases are Limited events, meaning you build your 40-card (minimum) deck from the packs that you get after paying your entry fee (Sealed Deck format

Pre-releases are sanctioned by the DCI, which is the governing body for all Magic tournaments-from local neighborhood tournaments up to the prestigious Pro Tour events. By becoming a DCI member and playing in a sanctioned event, your results are recorded and you begin building an official rating among the thousands of Magic players worldwide.  If you don’t have a DCI membership, Wonderland’s event staff will be happy to set you up.  For many players, Pre-Releases are a fun and easy way to play in their first sanctioned event.

Sign up now for this fantastic Wonderland Comics event! First-come, first-served, first to enjoy the new Magic packs “Khans of Tarkir”! Email us at info@wonderlandcomics.com to reserve your space today!

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