We buy and sell Xbox games at Wonderland Comics in Putnam CTWonderland Comics buys and resells older video game consoles, equipment and games from everyone around the area. You will find some of the classics such as Xbox, Playstation 1 and 2, Gamecube among others – we even had a Colecovision for awhile here.

You can choose from our growing selection of older games and get them for as little as $2 right off the shelf! We clean them up and make sure that they work right before we put them out, so you will know that what you are getting is still the best.

We often will have older consoles, equipment and accessories as well – it changes a lot, so you’ll need to come in and see what we have today.

We do buy equipment and games too – or you can trade them for our stuff – they just need to be in working order, clean and presentable. Old doesn’t mean bad. You will need to bring them in so we can review them and let you know what we can do from there!

If you have older games and just want the DVD or CD fixed – bring them in – we can probably take care of that for you to. We can fix scratches and smudges no problem.

Keeping the spirit alive at Wonderland Comics!

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