Sell your comic collection to us at Wonderland Comics in Putnam CTIf your room looks like this – it’s time to sell your collection. Wonderland Comics might buy your stuff if you take really good care of them and they are in great condition or better. We do sometimes look at older collections when we want to try to find that “diamond in the rough”, but not always. Cookies help 🙂

If you are looking to sell your collection, please email us an excel spreadsheet of your items with the name of the comic, the number, the year, what you think it’s worth and any other notes we should know about it. (like if it’s the first appearance of a popular villain) Then you can email it to us <here> and we’ll setup a time for you to bring it in for us to look at. Yes, we do go check out large collections in your home, but it’s only for a really good reason. Ask Troy for details.

We do also buy the following: musical instruments, video games and consoles and their accessories, sports collectibles, RPGs, Magic collectibles, statues and the old magazine collection as well. Again, everything needs to be in pretty good shape and we need the sheet before we can review your collection.

If you have any questions or thoughts or issues – just give us a call at the store – 860-963-1027 and we can work with you. Thanks!


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