Friday Night Magic – 13th Anniversary Deal!

Wonderland’s 13th Anniversary

Friday Night Magic

Kaladesh Release Special Draft

$15 Draft

Box of Kaladesh for 1st place!

Everyone who plays can purchase 1 box

Everyone who plays gets 25% off loose magic cards

Free Pizza & a Soda

September 30th

Sign-ups start at 6:30, Gaming starts at 7:15




Magic Origins Pre-Release tournament at Wonderland  (You will have to look up some details for this)  We have tournaments:

Friday night at Midnight (7/10) | Saturday Noon | Saturday at 6pm | Sunday at noon

Sign up 1/2 hour before the event. The Price is $25.00 for a “sealed event”



Friday Night Magic occurs every Friday at the store sign ups start around 6 - 6:30p.  It is a $15 buy in. The tournament starts at 7pm. (Sorry but we will no longer be holding the tournament for people who are going to be late due to abuse of that kindness in the past)  Tournament goes until we are done, long after the store closes for the night.

With playing in the tournament you get 20% off all single magic cards and a free soda. If we get over 16 players you get free pizza and NOW if we get over 30 players first place will get a booster box. We will still be placing out to 11th place over 30 players so that won’t change.

New decks come out all the time! If you want to be one of the first to get it – give us your email so we can let you know early!

We will start posting a more regular schedule on our new calendar too!

For the rules and information on Magic the Gathering – see our page here

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  1. Yiren Jiang says:

    i can’t find the tournament preview on the facebook. so if you can put them on the facebook, that will be great.

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