Truck crashes into Wonderland Comics – Comics still standing….

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Ding Dong the door isn't doing so well -

Dear Friends of Wonderland Comics,
     As some of you may have heard (or noticed) Wonderland Comics is having a bit of a problem with our front door.  Late Saturday Night, a Large pickup drove right into our front door, taking the door, the frame, windows and part of a wall with it.  We lost a few statues and a neon sign, but we are otherwise OK.
     The problem is our front door.  Everything is cleaned up, the framers came today and did their job, but the door has to be special order and that could take up to 3 weeks to come in!  Yeah, I know, that KA-BLOWS!    
     Anyway, we are still going to be open as usual, during normal business hours, but you will have to use the door just to the right of our normal door to get in.  Just walk in, go down the stairs, and follow the Maze into the store.  All comics and Toys and Games will still be coming in like normal and we will still be here to help in anyway we can.   Please be patient and we will all get our normal entrance back as soon as it’s possible. 
     Thank you for your understanding and Thank you for being one of our customers, we couldn’t do it without you! 
Troy Potter
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