Comic Books

Here at Wonderland Comics, we don’t only strive to have a large selection of comic books but a great selection of comic books. We can say with confidence that we have what you’re looking for, whether it just came out this week or was published in the 1960s. Our large and varied assortment of comic books (along with related figurines, graphic novels, t-shirts and other collectibles) is what makes us one of the best in eastern Connecticut. 

Subscription Service

We get around 80 new comics delivered each Wednesday, from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics and other independent publishers. Loyal customers who sign up for our FREE subscription service are the FIRST to get all the comics they are interested in. We fill their subscription boxes before the comics hit the shelves, guaranteeing them a copy no matter what. Stop in and fill out a short form, check all the comics you’d like to receive each week and BOOM you’re in! 

Back Issues

Our store carries 1,000s and 1,000s of back issues, including unique, premium comics. We have a lot of rare and collectible back issues that you may not be able to find anywhere else, including 30 boxes of high grade silver and bronze-age comics. 

Back Issue Deal: 

20% OFF if you spend $20 to $29.99

30% OFF if you spend $30 to 39.99

40% OFF if you spend $40 to $49.99

50% OFF if you spend $50+

Trade & Sell

We are always accepting comics, whether you have an expansive collection or just one interesting issue. Our knowledgable staff are always on hand to tell you more, help you find what you’re looking for or just simply chat about comic books. 

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