Magic: The Gathering

“Expansive worlds, explosive spells and extraordinary creatures await you: Discover the many tales of Magic!” Magic: The Gathering is one of our specialities here at Wonderland Comics. Buy, sell and trade with our knowledgeable and passionate staff. And don’t forget to stop by every Friday night for Friday Night Magic! 

What’s Available

We sell boxes, bundles (“fat packs”), individual booster packs and singles, as well as Plains Walker decks. We also have all of the supplies you need, including deck boxes, sleeves, play mats and dice. 

New to Wonderland Comics, we now have a case filled with rare foils and rare older cards. 


Friday Night Magic

Join us every Friday night from 7 pm to 10 pm for our popular Friday Night Magic booster draft! It’s $15 per player, with sign ups starting at 6:30 pm. Don’t forget to check out our calendar to check out what other Magic events we’ll be hosting each month.