10/10-10/12 – Our 11th Anniversary Sale – Villains Unite!

For the Wonderland Comics 11th Anniversary - the Villains Take Over!

Villains Take Over Wonderland Comics in Putnam CTAnd boy are they ready to party – they are literally cutting most of our prices in half. Items such as: Albums, Toys, Action Figures, Video Games,Posters,
T-Shirts, Magazines, Sports Cards Hardcovers,Comics,Trade Paperbacks & Regular back issue comics are all 50% off!

The Joker went wild with our Premium Comics (Front Boxes & Glass Case) and more,  Statues, Board Games D&D/Pathfinder books/items, Model Kits , Sport Cards packs, Pathfinder Minis, Video Game Systems and sliced 25% off – yeeesh!

There is no substitute for the really wild way that Ultron came by and decimated our entire inventory into tiny little boxes and bags and commanded that we sell them for just $11 each. The “Age of Ultron” indeed, more like the “Age of Wonderland is going to need an advance on their allowance after this Sale” thanks a lot Shiny Man.

Last, but certainly not least, Simon BarSinister insisted on dressing up like Harley Quinn and demanded an “Villain Costume Contest to the Death!” We aren’t that serious about it, if they are really bad, fine, you die – but the true winners will get cash prizes and their pictures posted on our Facebook page and Website for all to see!

Just come by this weekend – Friday, Oct 10th to Sunday, October 12th and show us what you got. Bring friends, because this struggle between good and evil is not never-ending, it’s over at closing time on Sunday and then the baddies go back to Earth 3 where they belong.

More details coming – make sure you pay attention to our Twitter Feed, Facebook page as well as sign up for the early email alerts so you’ll know everything before anyone else!

See more at our Facebook page – be sure to get ahead of your friends – email us your details and we will keep you in the know first – not to mention send you a 20% off coupon to boot! Only at Wonderland Comics in Downtown Putnam, CT – the largest in the land!


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