Magic the Gathering MEGA EVENT

Magic the Gathering at Wonderland Comics in Downtown Putnam, CT


We are going to make it even more fun for you!  We have 4 Pre-Release events coming between the 20-22.  For those of you who enter 3 of the 4 events, we are going to give you a $15 Wonderland Gift Card!  Enter all 4 Pre-Release events and you will earn a $20 gift card from Wonderland Comics!  Just our way of saying THANKS for supporting us!  Plus the prize support items this event are AWESOME!

Pre-Release Events:
March 20/21 – Friday Night – Midnight – $25.00 Sealed
March 21 – Saturday – Noon – $25.00 Sealed
March 21 – Saturday – 6pm – $25.00 Sealed (free pizza with 15 or more)
March 22 – Sunday – Noon – $25.00 Sealed

More details coming <Click here for them now!> – make sure you pay attention to our Twitter Feed, Facebook page as well as sign up for the early email alerts so you’ll know everything before anyone else!

See more at our Facebook page – be sure to get ahead of your friends – email us your details and we will keep you in the know first – not to mention send you a 20% off coupon to boot! Only at Wonderland Comics in Downtown Putnam, CT – the largest in the land!


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