Wonderland Comics and ELLISCON – November 19th!


ELLISCON is Saturday, November 19th and Wonderland Comics will be headlining the Magic there.  We will be having 2 events:

1)  11:00am – Commander tournament!  No Fee, bring your own cards.  Wonderland Comics will be supplying the prize support.

2)  2:00 – 3-pack draft!  $10.00 – participants will determine which set we will be drafting from.  Wonderland Comics will be supplying the prize support.

Wonderland will also be setting up at EllisCon with tons of gaming items for sale, including Commander!  Yep, we will have a bunch of Commander at EllisCon (Sounds like everyone else is out)!  It will be a very fun day!

EllisCon runs from 9am to 9pm Saturday and is always a great time.  Visit EllisCon on Facebook at “EllisXXVIIICon”

And don’t forget!  Wonderland Comics will be having an ETERNAL MASTERS tournament on Saturday, December 3rd!!! Here are the details that we have so far. The tournament cost $40 per player. It will be a booster draft of a set to be determined the day of the draft. No, you will NOT be drafting Eternal Masters.

We will not announce the set early so no one can bring in the cards from a specific set and try to cheat. For every 12 players who enter the tournament, 1 box of Eternal Masters Boosters will be given away. If we have 12 players. first place will win a box of EM. If we have 24 players, 1st AND 2nd second will win a Box of EM.

If we have 36 players, 1st, 2nd & 3rd will win a box. And if we have 48, the top 4 players will win a box of EM. We will have tons of door prizes so everyone will walk away with something. Everyone will get a soda and snacks! If you have any questions, just ask and we will fill in more details.


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See more at our Facebook page – be sure to get ahead of your friends – email us your details and we will keep you in the know first – not to mention send you a 20% off coupon to boot! Only at Wonderland Comics in Downtown Putnam, CT – the largest in the land!

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