It’s a new land of crazy when the bad guys come to Wonderland Comics!


It is going to be exciting – to get you into the mood for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, Wonderland Comics is having a Suicide Squad Sale and it’s going to be sick!

All weekend long – crazy is in the house – from the 29th to the 31st – we will be blowing out everything at some of the craziest prices yet. Here’s just a taste of the insanity that’s coming – go see the movie and then get the books and then go see the movie again, we all could use a little more crazy in our lives :)
Wonderland Comics is having a Suicide Squad weekend

Here’s the deals:
  • 70% off Selected Action Figures, Trade Paperbacks, hardcovers
  • All back issues price $5 and under will be $1
  • Suicide Squad Back Issues just a freakin 99 cents!!!!
  • 50% off all other back issues Excluding Premium comics
  • 50% off posters, T-Shirts, Video Games, Albums
  • 50% off Marvel, DC, Star Wars Action Figures
  • 50% off Marvel, Walking Dead Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks
  • 70% off Back Issue Magazines!


It’s first-come, first-serve at the store, nothing you see now will be there later and if you want to see crazy like this again – wait for the sequel – I mean, come on, you know it’s coming….


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