Wonderland Comics 13th Anniversary – it’s a Star Wars saga all weekend long!


Starting Friday, September 30th Wonderland Comics is going back to the Empire and bringing all sorts of Force-filled deals all weekend long to celebrate our 13th Anniversary. It’s a lucky number for you!

Wonderland Comics 13th Anniversary - for Star WarsHere’s the deals:

ALL Comics & Mags priced 9.99 and less are $1.00!

All Star Wars Items 25% off !

  • All of these items are 50% OFF -Albums, Toys, Other Action Figures, Video Games, Posters, TShirts, Magazine, Statues, Hardcover Comics, Trade Paperbacks, Back Issue Comics
  • All of these items are 25% OFF -Board Games, D&D/Pathfinder, Model Kits, Pathfinder Minis, Video Games Systems
  • All of these items are 20% OFF -Warhammer, All Loose Magic Cards

It’s first-come, first-serve at the store, nothing you see now will be there later and if you want to see a sale like this again – wait for the sequel – it will only take a few years  :)-


Make sure you pay attention to our Twitter Feed, Facebook page as well as sign up for the early email alerts so you’ll know everything before anyone else!

See more at our Facebook page – be sure to get ahead of your friends – email us your details and we will keep you in the know first – not to mention send you a 20% off coupon to boot! Only at Wonderland Comics in Downtown Putnam, CT – the largest in the land!

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