Wonderland Comics welcomes back Alex!

Wonderland Comics is very excited to welcome back Alex Morrill as our new Gaming Manager! Alex worked at Wonderland more than 10 years ago and has since become a Magic Legend in the area! He will be taking over all aspects of gaming at Wonderland including FNM, Magic Saturday EDH and we will be adding more events as the crowds grow! We are truly looking forward to becoming the premier Magic the Gathering Site in the area!

Alex Morrill - Wonderland Comics new Gamesmaster!Here is a Message from Alex:

“What’s old is new again. For those who didn’t know, I had to close my store, The Coliseum, in March due to several factors. I burned out after going hard for two years trying to make one of my life dreams a reality, ran out of money, and learned from a lot of mistakes, among other things.

An ending is just another beginning, though, and that new beginning comes from where it all began. I’ve accepted the role of Gaming Manager at Wonderland Comics in Putnam. What that means is I will be organizing, scheduling, and judging all of Wonderland’s Magic tournaments as well as buying and trading cards for the store. So if you’ve got some cards to move or feel like checking out a new place, drop by Wonderland Comics! There will be more announcements about new tournaments and events happening soon.”

This was part of Wonderland Comics that we have let grow at it’s own pace over the years. Now we have decided to make Wonderland the Premier Venue for Magic the Gathering in the Area! Alex is a Level 1 MTG Judge so we will be planning not only local events, but also will be bringing in large regional events and much more! Welcome Alex!!!

Event Calendar this week:

Friday, November 27 – Standard FNM 4pm, Entry $5

- Draft FNM 7pm Entry $15

Saturday, November 28 – EDH Open Play all day

Sunday, November 29 – Standard 1pm – Entry $10 – Card-based Prize support (see Facebook for cards)


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