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Check out our calendar to stay up to date on the many events and sales we have throughout the month. We host Friday Night Magic every week, but we also have Pokemon TCG events, costume contests, and huge deals each month!

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About Wonderland Comics

Nestled in historic and cultural downtown Putnam between art studios, antique shops and delicious eateries, we are the largest toys, games and collectibles store in eastern Connecticut.

Wonderland comics new location

At Wonderland Comics, it’s not just a game to us! Since the early 1990s we have been eastern Connecticut’s destination for everything geek, including not only the newest issues in hundreds of comic series each week but thousands of back issues and rare, vintage comics you can’t find anywhere else. We are also the top spot for Magic the Gathering trading, selling, buying and playing. When you also add in our countless collectibles, figurines, graphic novels, manga, albums, posters and board games, as well as our D&D and Pathfinder displays it’s truly hard to find any place that offers more in the area. 

The torch was passed to Zak and Kristen in early 2018, shortly after the move to the store’s current location in downtown Putnam, which allowed Wonderland Comics to grow into a force, with followers of all ages and all kinds. We are always adding to our long list of events, which include free comic days, costume contests and free-to-play Magic tournaments throughout the year. Recently, we have started a free Pokemon TCG day and may even start up a board game and D&D night. To find out more about these awesome events check out our calendar or visit our Facebook page!


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